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Welcome to Bio-Repel - Organic Bio-Repellant plus Organic Fertilizer

Say NO to Weed killers and Pesticides, and Chemical Fertilizers!

Dangerous pesticides - go organic!

The dangers of Pesticides and Chemical Pesticides on Humans is real. There are now numerous published reports on the high risk of exposure and effects to chemical pesticides and most recently, the Non-Occupational Pesticide Exposure Study in the US found that even in "low-use homes" the air in these homes contained residues of up to 5 pesticides.

Why are these pesticides dangerous?

Pesticides are manufactured for a wide variety of purposes and consequently, pesticides come with a variety of side effects. Chemical pesticides may cause side effects on the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems of human beings. Unfortunately, children is more likely to suffer from pesticide exposure as children have less developed immune and detoxification systems.

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What can I do to avoid exposure to chemical pesticides?

The first is to minimize or if possible, eliminate the use of chemical pesticides on your lawn or garden around your living space. Adopt an organic and natural approach to taking care of your lawn and gardens. One natural option is making your own natural pest repellant. Below is an all natural formula and how you can go about preparing your own natural pest repellant.

To start, you need the following ingredients:

1) Between 3 to 5 types of bitter herbs or leaves or any herb which produces latex and are not eaten by goats (eg: papaya leaves, neem leaves, aloe vera, glory lily, bale tree, Lantana, Calotropis gigan tea, etc) - 5kg each.
2) Molasses or jaggery
3) Cow's urine
4) Small amount of cow dung.

To prepare the Natural Pest Repellent via fermentation method:

Powder the seeds and leaves and soak them in cow's urine and dung solution for 15 days. The leaves and seeds must be totally immersed in liquid to ensure effective fermentation.

Dosage: Filter the mixture, mix 1 liter of solution in 10 liters of water and spray on plants to control insects and worms.

The process may seem simple but it is NOT easy, right? Its takes too much hard work and time! And cow urine and dung?? That's disgusting!

Unfortunately, these natural options are not practical for most individuals.

It is cumbersome and requires lots of manual labor to perform.


Bio-Repel is the first of it's kind organic insect repellant and fertilizer

Bio-Repel is an organic insect repellant that Defends, Protects and Heals Plant Infestation. Bio-Repel also nourishes and enhances plant growth without ammonia and urea!

Bio-Repel offers a practical and long-term solution to organic growers faced with pest infestation or plant disease. Bio-Repel is a poison free solution and it is free from harmful chemicals in line with the requirements of "organic" farming.
Bio-Repel is also UREA free.

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